44 Station Rd, Melton South, VIC, 3338
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How and when can we get a Centre tour?

Our Centre does not have any rigid Centre tour hours. Please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you in scheduling your Centre tour.

Is the food preparation safe and hygienic?

The food we prepare on campus complies with the government regulations on the safe and hygienic preparation of food.

My child is vegetarian/vegan/allergic to nuts, will the Centre be able to provide food for him/her?

Happy Child Care and Kindergarten prides itself in being among one of theCentre who provide their pupils with food and cater to any and every dietary preference. What we provide is not only limited to vegetarian, vegan and nut allergies. Ours is nut and egg free environment.

What are the Centre timings?

Our Centre is open from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday

What is the fee policy?

Please contact the Centre for information regarding our fee policy.

Are there a fixed number of 'seats' that the Centre has?

The Centre is only registered to accommodate 44 children.

What is the qualification of the educators?

Our educators have 3 levels of qualifications. They range from being certificate holders to diploma awardees to degree holders.

Is the Centre sun smart?

Yes. We care for our children wholeheartedly and thus take all possible measures to keep them safe from any harm. In this pursuit, we are also a sun smart campus!

Centre Tour

Member of our Team and not staff.


Among one of the centre