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Vacation Care

Make your children’s holidays fun and join our Vacation Care Program.

Special Education

Learning is an integral aspect of a child's development. At Happy Child Care Centre and Kindergarten we know that different children have different ways of learning.


Happy Child Care Centre and Kindergarten provides fresh, nutritious and healthy meals on campus to our pupils.

Opening Hours

6.30AM to 6.30PM
Monday to Friday

Learning School

Happy Child Care Centre and Kindergarten is a unique holistic development Centre, where young minds are nurtured into young individuals. If children are provided with the right atmosphere for development early on in their life, they can grow up to achieve magnificent feats. At Happy Childcare, we aim to provide that ideal environment for our children.

Our loving and caring staff are hand-picked professionals who strive to deliver bespoke experiences which are best suited to the holistic development of the children who learn and grow with us.

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Doing Many More Activities


Art is an essential work of human expression.


Learning is an integral aspect of a child's development.


Our Centre takes the services of outside accredited agency for music...


Fun-Key Yoga is a program designed to develop balance...


Happy Child Care Centre and Kindergarten provides fresh...


Apart from playing outdoors, we also let our children engage in activities such as gardening...

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners

Our Rooms

What's the Services of Our Child Care

Baby Room

Babies are in a very delicate period of their life; physically, emotionally and developmentally. We at Happy Childcare understand this and work to foster a nourishing development of our children.

Toddler Room

The toddlers are given intimate attention and personal care. The parents of our children have the peace of mind that their little ones are in safe hands and being looked after immaculately.

Pre-Kinder Room

Pre-kinder is a bridging ground between the baby room and kindergarten, where 3 to 4-year old's are challenged, allowing their minds to be developed for kindergarten!


Kindergarten is the first step in a child’s education. It sets the fundamentals on which all proceeding years will be built.

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